Pint (for 1) Quart (for 2)
hot-pepper-icon-16x16Hot and Sour Soup 3.50 6.25
hot-pepper-icon-16x16Hot and Sour Wonton Soup 3.50 6.25
Wonton Soup 3.50 6.25
Chicken Corn Soup 8.95
Seafood Soup
Tofu, mushrooms, pea pods, shrimps, scallops and squid with egg whites in chicken broth.
hot-pepper-icon-16x16Tom Yum Soup
South Asia’s most popular soup, consisting of tomatoes, tofu, mushrooms, chicken and whole shrimps with a special spicy flavor.
West Lake Beef Soup 10.95
West Lake Chicken Soup 10.95
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